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Family Portrait Session: summer love in Minneapolis


Business Marketing Headshots: Josh Johnson Law

When I first got a call from Josh Johnson, a Twin Cities attorney who runs his own law practice, I was pretty excited: not only do I love working with small business owners who understand the value of quality photography for their professional marketing materials; but also because my main client base tends to largely  be made up of women, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to add another man to the mix!

Josh had some great ideas and clear objectives for what he needed and, through meetings with him and his wife/office manager, we were able to come up with a solid plan.  I really enjoyed strategizing how to best represent him and his practice; my goal was to build upon his vision, and to explore what makes him unique in such a way that I could synthesize my natural portrait style with the more traditional format of a "proper" attorney headshot.

We had a fun time on the shoot (Josh happens to have a great sense of humor!), and I must say that I think we knocked our collaboration right out of the park.  I absolutely love working with people who "get" the importance of quality photography for their business- it really does make a world of difference.  Thank you, Josh Johnson, for a wonderful experience from beginning to end!   www.JoshJohnsonLaw.com


Waiting for Baby: Sara & Dave

I was so lucky to meet Sara one of my shoots earlier this year- she was a 'real life model' for her friend's business shoot, and she and I hit it off right away.  When she contacted me to come photograph her and her very pregnant belly, I was thrilled-  I could already sense that she had a positive and kind personality, and that she would be really sweet and fun to work with.  And Sara was all of those things, as well as beautiful!

I had a great time photographing Sara and her husband Dave at their bright, warm, and stylish home.  Dave played DJ for us, giving us the perfect soundtrack to a lovely afternoon.  Usually, my portrait style is based in the natural, emotional realm; because Sara and Dave were so open and welcoming, we are able to get some great shots that show their loving relationship and excitement for the arrival of their first child.

And then, when I realized that Sara is a woman with an incredible shoe collection, we started to explore some really cool shots that showed her fun-loving spirit and great sense of style.  Even though Sara's pregnant belly made it a little challenging to move as freely as she is used to, she had a great attitude and was up for trying just about anything.  I just love the funky, stylized images we created- check them out at the bottom of the collection posted here.

I love the variety of the images we got, and I really enjoyed working with Sara and Dave- they are a wonderful couple, and will no doubt make incredibly loving and supportive parents.  Thanks so much for welcoming me into your world!   Enjoy these early days with your new little guy!!!




It's back: My Valentine's Day Studio Sessions!!!

Happy 2015, everyone!  I'm kicking off the new year with my annual Valentine's Day Mini-Session event tradition, and you are invited!  Those of you who participate in this fun event every year know what a great deal it is- not only do you (and your kids, or loved one, or favorite pet) get to come into my beautiful studio, but you also get some high-quality photography AND a package of custom, ready-to-mail Valentine's Day greeting cards delivered right to your door!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 17. I'm booking half-hour sessions from 11-3, and would love to fit you in the schedule.  Make sure you get a spot while you can!

Here's the link to get more information.   And feel free to email me if you have any questions: Lisa@Lisa.com.

I hope to see you on the 17th!!

-Lisa V

Here are some samples card from last year;s event- so cute!!!





Susie & Gordy: Celebrating life with Beaumont

Susie and Gordy are one of the coolest, most unique and creative couples I know.  I was lucky to befriend them years ago, and since then I have really cherished the times we've had: the many times Gordy has been around the house, tuning the piano and telling stories from his life on the jazz scene; running into them at parties; going with Susie to see her dear friend Laurie Anderson perform at the Walker Art Center... many good times.

I was so happy when they wanted to book me to take some portraits of them, in honor of their fifteenth wedding anniversary AND to get some photos of their sweet dog, Beaumont.  I invited them over to my studio where we explored the interior and exterior spaces. It was a happy day for all.

Here are some examples of what we created that day:

Susie and I took some time to play, creating some fun images of just her.  I love how much character reads in her face and expressions.

As it happened, dear Beaumont passed away just a couple of weeks after our shoot.  He was such a special guy, a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog, and a beautiful spirit.  I'm so glad that Susie and Gordy scheduled their session right when they did; the images with Beaumont take on a special and particularly meaningful significance.  Beaumont, that handsome guy, will be forever remembered and missed.  

This last photo is, to me, a big reminder of the importance of documenting the love in our lives!  Each stage is so important.  Don't put it off for another day- these are the days you will one day want to remember and revisit!