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Somalian Beauty: pre-wedding preparations in style


Living in the Twin Cities, I am fortunate to be part of such a diverse, multi-ethnic population that is home to people from all over the world.  Over the years, I've watched the local Somali community grow and thrive at an inspiring rate, and it has been so wonderful to see especially the first generation of immigrants find a wonderful balance of integrating into American culture while still retaining some unmistakably Somalian roots.  

I had the pleasure of doing a documentary photo shoot for Amal, as she prepared for a big Western-style wedding reception after a long day of traditional Somali wedding ceremony actitivies.  Amal and her group of ladies were so fun and beautiful and incredibly cool- I had a great time hanging with them as they got ready for a night of eating, mingling, and dancing.  I have so much admiration for these strong women who have made their way between cultures despite what I'm sure is daily adversity, and I apprecaite how they welcomed me right into their fold.  The soundtrack to these photos: a little Kendrick Lamar, a lot of laughter, and every so often a random joyful ululation!

Thanks and congrats to beautiful Amal and her new husband Osman, and thanks to Camelot Photography for bringing us together.  



Gina & Kahlil: perfect little wedding day

Gina and Kahlil are one of those amazing couples that you can't help but want to be around: a fun and lively pair, they are both beautiful and interesting and accomplished, down-to-earth people with kind and compassionate hearts.  While it would make sense for them to have a huge wedding celebration with hundreds of their closest friends and family members, they opted for a quiet, private ceremony with only their parents in attendance.  It was perfect in every way, and I was so honored that they invited me to come and capture their sweet and meaningful day.  It was a misty afternoon in late May; nobody else was around, and it is if nature staged a glorious set just for them.  Huge thanks to Gina and Kahlil for welcoming me in to their amazing world!


Wedding in Paradise: Mike & Jon Mark in Hawaii

I recently had the incredible opportunity to photograph the wedding of a truly remarkable couple, Mike and Jon Mark.  After over twelve years together, they were finally able to get married; they opted to elope on the beautiful island of Maui, and they brought me along to photograph the events.  I had the time of my life, and fell in love with Hawaii immediately!  It was an honor to spend this valuable time with this couple: not only are they wonderful people, but their relationship has been such an inspiration to me over the years, and in many ways the represent to me what a good couple is all about.

There is much that I can say about this magical wedding experience, but for now I'll let the images tell the story:






Marketing Portfolio: CaringBridge.org Campaigns

CaringBridge is one of my favorite organizations to work with: not only do they provide an incredibly meaningful service to the public, but they also happen to have a great development/marketing team that I thoroughly enjoy working with.  In the past year, we have collaborated to create some great work that highlights the real people whose lives have been deeply and positively affected by CaringBridge's work. 

Below are just a few examples of some of the campaigns I have shot for CaringBridge in the past year.

Everyone's got a real story, and everyone pictured has been touched in some way by the work that CaringBridge does so well- probably you have been too.  I would be remiss if I didn't encourage you to consider making a charitable donation to CaringBridge- they really do rely on funding in order to provide the free services they provide to people in need. 


Aryam and Daniel: Snowy Saint Paul Engagement Session

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the seemingly random way I meet the most amazing people.  Though in truth, I don't think that it's random at all- I believe that sometimes my path was meant to cross with certain people's, and I love when this happens within the realm of photography- it so often does!

Thanks to Camelot Photography, a wedding photography agency that I sometimes shoot for, I was able to meet this beautiful couple, whose wedding I will be photographing in the summer of 2016.  I met up with Aryam and Daniel in downtown Saint Paul's Rice Park on a chilly late December afternoon.  It took about two minutes into making their acquaintance that I realized that this couple was special: not only are they fun and easygoing, kind, funny, and beautiful, but they also have very interesting life stories that span the globe.  With roots in Eritrea, this couple embodies modern love: they met by forces of magic in the U.S., and even though they're living in different cities until they get married, they are both working hard and dreaming big for what will undeniably be an incredible life together.  Aryam's beautiful smile has the power to light up a room (or a snowy park at dusk!), and it turns out that Daniel was a bit of a celebrity in his home country before he made it to America just a couple years ago.  

This couple was an absolute joy to work with, and I can't wait for their huge wedding day this summer: it will be the longest wedding-day shoot I've ever done (well over twelve hours!), but that's what it takes when the party goes on and on!  

Thanks, Aryam and Daniel, for a wonderful afternoon. Looking at these photos, I can still hear the sound of your laughter lingering in the air!  Hope you've finally warmed up after our freezing cold shoot!