a list of things I currently love

MARCH 2019

  1. The fact that, surely, winter must be ending soon.

  2. My weekly Italian class at the ICC. Nothing keeps me more humble… but I persist.

  3. Neighborhood cinemas. I love them for their tiny, faded charm. There’s nothing like escaping the world & ducking into a film at the Grand View in St. Paul.

  4. My ticket to Milan in June (trip 1 of 2 this year).

  5. MY NEW WEB SITE!!!!

  6. My project We Are 25. So much to do, and I’m pressing on with a force in 2019.

  7. Extra-heated swimming pools.

  8. The Speaking of Home installation downtown St. Paul. Kudos to Nancy Ann Coyne for an incredible piece of work.

  9. Mackenzie Owens, the realtor who is holding my hand as I prepare to sell my house. She’s amazing and a total boss.

  10. The music of Lucia Manca. I love her.

  11. This playlist of Italian Summer Hits 2018.

  12. A new Almodóvar film. At last!

  13. My 2018 Fellini film series, and my upcoming 2019 Italian cinema classics series. If your in the Twin Cities & interested, let me know.

  14. My 2019 trips to Chicago, Seattle, & New York. It’s been quite a year so far.

  15. Ella. My little dog is so lovely. Honorable mention to Winnie, my little Brooklyn buddy with whom I spent some quality time with this winter.

  16. MN Opera is bringing La Traviata to town.

  17. Instagram feeds from my friends on the Adriatic Coast. I’m dreaming of getting back to the Grand Hotel Rimini after a day at the beach….

  18. Subtext and Common Good Books, my excellent local bookstores. Love them.

  19. Time with my nephews, who are in the sweetest stage of life right now.

  20. All Saints & Vince. They get me.

  21. The view of the Saint Paul Cathedral out my window, every day & night.

  22. There’s finally a Pokè place in St. Paul. At last!

  23. My clients who’ve been with me through the years. You know who you are! You’re amazing, and I love being on this journey with you.

  24. Seeing my artwork go home with people, to decorate their walls at home & work. My Visions of Italia project has really touched people, and I can’t wait to expand it this year.

  25. My new Hasselblad portrait lens. I’ve got big plans for it.


September 2017: 

  1. Issa Rae's Insecure Season 2

  2. Gaussian Curve & Gigi Masin

  3. Fall 2017 plans: Chicago & NYC

  4. Making that trip to Chicago just to see some DJs I'm nuts about

  5. Late hours at Frost Patio the garden lights are still ablaze

  6. Roxane Gay's "Hunger". Excellent memoir and commentary on weight

  7. Tori Ramen in St. Paul. As the weather turns, let the addiction re-commence.

  8. Upcoming autumn season = best time of the year for films.

  9. Meditation apps

  10. Catalsyt Wedding Co's [un]Convention around the corner.

  11. #RESIST

  12. Podcasts: Call your Girlfriend & Slate's Culture Gabfest. Still my faves.

  13. My flute.

  14. Autumn portrait plans

  15. Spending time in my photo studio

  16. Long walks in Saint Paul- we actually have cobblestone streets over here.

  17. Italian language class @ the Italian Cultural Center

  18. The fact that I just signed up for LATIN NIGHTCLUB DANCE class!

  19. Jen Sincero's "You Are A Badass" -- came at just the right time.

  20. Renting out my house on Air BnB = an interesting and lucrative adventure

  21. Corepower Yoga in Saint Paul

  22. Ella

  23. This Nightmares on Wax mix that I can't get enough of.

  24. Margaret Cho - I am only know understanding how cool and relatible she is.

  25. Being alive while I am.